The Twilight of Roshik

Paragon Tier Intro
What's the worst that could happen?

Paragon Tier Intro

Light the Beacons

The voice said to you; and you did.

In a time of great need, Roshik overrun with Esed’s undead army, the Beacons opened the way to an ancient city, Yphyrion (E-fe-ree-on). Simply called the ‘Sanctuary’ by most, the city is one with the beacons. Those that accepted the gift were transported to the Sanctuary, safe from the blighted army that scoured the lands.

Two years have passed.

Yphyrion, once hidden in the Mistlands for more than a millennia, now is the last shining hope of civilization in all of Roshik.

The first year in Yphyrion was a bloody affair, with multiple factions vying for power. However with your help and Dythan’s Legion, it was decided to create a formal counsel to oversee the city. Lead by Archdruid Fedir, the counsel conducts the day to day operations of this unstable metropolis, all while balancing the politicking of the many factions contending for more control.

While control over Yphyrion has been tenuous, your position has been one of great honor. Known as the Saviors of Roshik, you are one of the few groups that can mediate between conflicting factions.

Your other role has been to extinguish the burgeoning evils of Roshik. Seemingly drawn to Yphyion, like moth to the flame, these calamities have been emerging at an increasing rate. Almost too much to keep up with.

The past two years you’ve had time to explore your own agendas. While you’ve had no more visions of the past, the endless sense of deja-vu tells you that you lived in Yphyrion in your forgotten lives.

For all the good that has come from Yphyrion, you can’t help the sense of dread you feel. This safe-haven is fleeting; resting on the sword’s edge it may crumble to the pressures outside, or within…

City Details

(note that much of this is still a work in progress)

Yphyrion is unlike any other city in Roshik. As ancient as the beacons themselves, the city is as marvelous as it is massive. Larger than all the other cities of Roshik combined, Yphyrion houses close to one million citizens; nearly half the city is yet unoccupied.

The Sanctuary is built of the same nearly indestructible smooth marble-like stone as the beacons are. When the city was found, two years ago, it was a framework of a once booming metropolis. Over a millennia since it last housed citizens, nothing remained that was not made or etched into the stone. However the city was still prepared with amenities for the sudden influx of peoples.

As much as the Sanctuary is a booming city, it is also an archaeological gold mine. Much of the city is still inaccessible. Countless buildings and rooms have no entrance in their sheer stonework. An ongoing excavation project, hoping to uncover the secrets of the city, is being lead by the great collector, Vherick.

New settlements have been built right on top of old foundations and in conjunction with antiquated stonework. The clash of ancient stone and modern wooden structures is a common sight in the two lower wards.

The Sanctuary is has three levels each stacked upon the last. Each level is known as a ward and is bordered with it’s own fortification wall. The Outer Ward houses the most citizens. Mostly residential, the Outer Ward also contains the two main entrances into the city; east and west. The Intervening Ward is filled with most of the cities factions and guilds. The Star-Ward is the topmost ward, and contains many palaces.

The largest building is the Cosmosium, a spired palace dedicated to the cosmos and the deities they represent. Much of the building is as inaccessible as it is mysterious. Where there clearly should be rooms, there are impenetrable walls. Most curious of all is the Mist-Fount, an endless wellspring of the mist that once blanketed the night.

The Sanctuary is alive with a deep magic that is yet to be understood. From it’s indestructible stone, to the flying orbs of starlight that appear at night to light the streets, the city is a living mystery. Even so, there is a sense that Yphyrion is working at but a fragment of it’s true potential.

Council Members by Faction

The Harkenwood Druids

  • Fedir (Leader; only votes on ties)

The Mages of Saruun

  • Vaztar (male, leader)
  • Tirella (female)

Dythan’s Legion

  • Dythan (Absent)

Reclamation of Canrif

  • Their Leader (Need names from Nicole)
  • Their Second

The Fell Court

  • Melech Ambrose (Male, leader)
  • Araven Malith (female)
  • Loke Orgost (male)

Gravelstroke Family of Nashin

  • Xander Gravelstroke (Patriarch)

The Secret History of Yphyrion

The Archives (Found so far)

  • The Twenty Gods splitting from The Oneness
  • Mythyindon (The pact?) — The Gods gifting Yphyrion to the mortals, and their Archon and Female companion (perhaps the Queen?)
  • The building of the great beacons (why?)
  • Yphyrion and it’s people conquering the…evil?
  • The Age of Utopia (‘Yphyrion’ seems to mean something close to “A Breathing Utopia”).
  • The Champions leave Yphyrion
  • Yphyrion falls into darkness.

Deities (Bold Indicates Light)

The Raven Queen

The rest of Roshik

(To be expanded upon)

Outside of the Sanctuary has been better years. The armies of undead and orcs have ravaged the lands. Threats, both new and old, terrorize the world’s denizens. Yet still, many choose not to come to the safety of Yphyrion.

Dwindling over the past two years, mist barely appears come nightfall. The concept of a clear night’s sky now exists and the stars can be seen in their glory.

Tier Preview

A preview of things to come (in no particular order):

“Esed was but a child; playing with toys he did not understand.”
“Oh woe, this be the end! A Sunrise famine in this most desperate hour! BURP!”
“Lo! I am the Underdark! Blrrg th’lun zu’ung’rr!”
“The only thing worse than being a drow’s foe… is being a drow’s ally”
“You’ve killed him! Would you undo all we’ve worked for?!”

And now it’s your turn

Go ahead and post any character development you would like to flesh-out in the past two years. The sky’s the limit, even customizing or creating new factions for the city. Also include any of your character’s goals, immediate and long term. I plan on trying to incorporate them into the plot more so than I did in the previous tier.

Let me know if you have any questions, or anything else you need fleshed out for your characters.

Happy Gaming,

Session Three

The party woke in a humble, but rustic cottage in the middle of the Harkenwood Forest. It was morning of the next day. There they met Fedir the High Father of the Council of Druids. Fedir questioned how they ended up, unconscious in the middle of the forest. The party hinted at the recent event in the tomb the night before, but Fedir seemed unaware.

After a light meal, Fedir suggested that they leave the forest. He explained that he was no longer in control of the Council of Druids. His son, Rulis, had usurped him. Rulis had created a dark pact with the evils of the forest and now he controlled. Rulis planed to gather the other heads of the Druid Sects and bully them into attacking those outside the Harkenwood forest.

The party decided that they would help Fedir end this conflict. Fedir lead them to the meeing place of the Council, deep in the Harkenwood swamp. The party confronted Rulis and his plant creatures. Things quickly spun out of control as the creatures turned on Rulis and attempted to kill everything, seemingly hungry for blood.

The party succeeded in subduing Rulis and destroying his creatures. The Council of Druids, upset with Fedir’s lack of leadership, decided to disband leaving each sect for itself.

The party discussed with Fedir what had happened to them in the tomb the previous night. Rehb drew the constellation for Avandra in the dirt. This shocked Fedir. He quickly led them deeper into the forest, to a forbidden area.

There the party was shown a giant stone dome, nearly completely buried in the ground. Completely smooth, without and mark, scratch or crack. Fedir explained that this was an ancient structure. The knowledge of its presence passed down for generations, one High Father to the next.

The party examined it closer and suddenly the 20 constellations of the gods appeared in the stone and opened a doorway. Following inside, a single alter stood in the center of the dark room. The dark stone work above them had carvings of the night sky. The party examined the alter and found four constellations engraved there. One for each of them.

They activated the alter and everything started to change. The carvings of the night sky started to glow with star light. Mist started to swirl around the room. Shockingly ‘shadows’ of a group of four people were seen activating the alter. The mist continued to spin around the room and the star light became brighter and brighter.

The stone walls and the mist became one and they could see the outdoors. Fedir standing there, waiting. The landscape around them began to change and this dome they were in was no longer at ground level, rather over a thousand feet in the air. They could see the entire landscape around them. Completely different than modern Roshik. At this height they could see for leagues. To the west were seven other points of light dotting the landscape. The Mist covered the land, but seemed to be building up in the center.

Suddenly the vision stopped and the room was completely filled with Starlight. Leaving the dome, the party could continue to see the Starlight through the solid rock. Fedir was unable to see this ‘beacon’ that had been lit.

Even more confused, the party decided to follow the Iron Circle to the south to Sarathel to put an end to their slaving ways…

Session Two

Night fell as the party marched to the dig site of the Iron Circle. The dig site was quite large with wooden scaffolding. An old stone doorway was being uncovered. The area guarded by many Iron Circle guards, while slaves continued to dig.

The party decided to sneak around and pick off guards one by one. However they were quickly discovered and battle ensued. While the party was outnumbered, the dispatched the guards with much force (and horns).

After questioning the guards the party learned that more of the Iron Circle were deep in the ruins. Following this lead the party continued into the ruins. These decrepit ruins seemed barely stable and of little value. Quickly they dispatched more of the Iron Circle standing guard. Eventually the party reached a fork in the ruins. One route would take them to Esed and the Iron Cirle. The other pulsed with a strange magical energy.

The party chose to venture off to search for the magical energy. They found a hidden passage that left the ruins and went deeper into the earth. Following it father in, the passage opened up into a dome shaped room, made of completely smooth stone.

This dome contained four coffins and was covered in a thick dust/dirt mixture. The ceiling of the dome was covered in carvings of constellations. These constellations are ancient symbols for the Deities of Roshik.

Investigating the coffins next, the party found ancient bodies resembling themselves. Upon discovering them the room started to fill with starlight. The starlight continued to grow and absorbed the party. They blacked out.

A final journey.
A friend lost.
A price paid.

The party woke up in a rustic farm cottage, still in the Harkenwood forest. There an old man was there to greet them. Fedir, High Father of the Circle of Druids.

Session One

The party awoke to the blazing sun of Roshik. Confused and disoriented the party quickly realized they had been captured. Stripped of all their gear, the party found themselves in cages, being carted off on a dirt road in the Harkenwood Forest.

The cages were being guided by Grut and Flas, two humans dressed in chain and dark gray cloaks. With them were two dangerous guard drakes. The memories started to come back of the previous night in Sarathel where they were ambushed and knocked out.

While devising a plan, the caravan was suddenly stopped by a fallen tree. Quickly the party decided action was in order. Bjorkus, a Minotaur Monk, had hidden lock picks on himself (but don’t ask where!) and started the break out. Nazlith, the Teifling Warlord, snuck away from the road to get a better look at the situation.

The fallen tree was no accident, as creatures from the forest started to swarm the halted caravan. Tiny creatures made of ropey vegetation with tentacle like, thorny limbs started to attack slaves, and guards alike.

Terast, the Eladrin Swordmage, swiftly found the party’s stashed gear by following the pull of his attuned sword. Armed and defended, Rehb started picking off the attacking creatures with Avandra’s light.

After a fierce battle, the party was able to subdue Grut and Flas, kill the guard drakes, and scare off the rest of the forest creatures. After releasing the rest of the slaves, Grut and Flas were questioned. They revealed that they were members of a group known as the Iron Circle and their boss, Esed had ordered them to capture more slaves for their archaeological dig in the Harkenwood Forest. They had a map on them to the dig site.

The party decided to take a short rest, then follow the map to the dig site and stop the Iron Circle. Grut and Flas were left, locked up in their own cages, waiting for the eventual return of the hungry forest creatures…

The first post of many. I’ll fill out the next one later tonight. These should be going up much quicker in the future.


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