The Twilight of Roshik

Session One

The party awoke to the blazing sun of Roshik. Confused and disoriented the party quickly realized they had been captured. Stripped of all their gear, the party found themselves in cages, being carted off on a dirt road in the Harkenwood Forest.

The cages were being guided by Grut and Flas, two humans dressed in chain and dark gray cloaks. With them were two dangerous guard drakes. The memories started to come back of the previous night in Sarathel where they were ambushed and knocked out.

While devising a plan, the caravan was suddenly stopped by a fallen tree. Quickly the party decided action was in order. Bjorkus, a Minotaur Monk, had hidden lock picks on himself (but don’t ask where!) and started the break out. Nazlith, the Teifling Warlord, snuck away from the road to get a better look at the situation.

The fallen tree was no accident, as creatures from the forest started to swarm the halted caravan. Tiny creatures made of ropey vegetation with tentacle like, thorny limbs started to attack slaves, and guards alike.

Terast, the Eladrin Swordmage, swiftly found the party’s stashed gear by following the pull of his attuned sword. Armed and defended, Rehb started picking off the attacking creatures with Avandra’s light.

After a fierce battle, the party was able to subdue Grut and Flas, kill the guard drakes, and scare off the rest of the forest creatures. After releasing the rest of the slaves, Grut and Flas were questioned. They revealed that they were members of a group known as the Iron Circle and their boss, Esed had ordered them to capture more slaves for their archaeological dig in the Harkenwood Forest. They had a map on them to the dig site.

The party decided to take a short rest, then follow the map to the dig site and stop the Iron Circle. Grut and Flas were left, locked up in their own cages, waiting for the eventual return of the hungry forest creatures…

The first post of many. I’ll fill out the next one later tonight. These should be going up much quicker in the future.


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