The Twilight of Roshik

Session Two

Night fell as the party marched to the dig site of the Iron Circle. The dig site was quite large with wooden scaffolding. An old stone doorway was being uncovered. The area guarded by many Iron Circle guards, while slaves continued to dig.

The party decided to sneak around and pick off guards one by one. However they were quickly discovered and battle ensued. While the party was outnumbered, the dispatched the guards with much force (and horns).

After questioning the guards the party learned that more of the Iron Circle were deep in the ruins. Following this lead the party continued into the ruins. These decrepit ruins seemed barely stable and of little value. Quickly they dispatched more of the Iron Circle standing guard. Eventually the party reached a fork in the ruins. One route would take them to Esed and the Iron Cirle. The other pulsed with a strange magical energy.

The party chose to venture off to search for the magical energy. They found a hidden passage that left the ruins and went deeper into the earth. Following it father in, the passage opened up into a dome shaped room, made of completely smooth stone.

This dome contained four coffins and was covered in a thick dust/dirt mixture. The ceiling of the dome was covered in carvings of constellations. These constellations are ancient symbols for the Deities of Roshik.

Investigating the coffins next, the party found ancient bodies resembling themselves. Upon discovering them the room started to fill with starlight. The starlight continued to grow and absorbed the party. They blacked out.

A final journey.
A friend lost.
A price paid.

The party woke up in a rustic farm cottage, still in the Harkenwood forest. There an old man was there to greet them. Fedir, High Father of the Circle of Druids.


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