Canriff Nation

Canriff Nation
I. NPC’s
A. Council of Elders- Clan Implications
1. Clan of Achazriel
Elder: Kalastryn, female
Journyman: Velavia, female
Notes: This clan was formed from a conglomeration of merchant families. They are the only ones allowed to trade goods to the outside world.

2. Clan of Dreygu
Elder: Malfias, male
Journyman: Kazamir, male
Notes: Clan’s expertise is hunting and dungeoneering

3. Clan of Ravoon
Elder: Demedor, male
Journyman: Halius, male
Notes: This clan is well known for the divine arts and rumored to have helped the royal family in changing the people of Canriff to tieflings using arcane magic.

4. Clan of Thavious
Elder: Xelestri, female
Journyman: Grassus, male
Notes: The Clan of Thavious is well known for it’s agriculture. During the nomadic days of the people of Canriff, they were the ones to pick where to people stayed from season to season.

5. Clan of Zannifer
Elder: Melech, male
Journyman: Nazlith, female
Notes: This clan used their skills for blacksmithing, which was one of Canriffs greatest exports, rivaling dwarven made items.

B. Brief descriptions of elders and their journeymen

Journeymen were picked from each clan at the same time. These five children were taught and trained exclusively from the rest. In order to ensure that no one child had an advantage over another, the elders taught the children collectively and individually.
1. Clan of Achazriel
a. Elder Kalastryn: She was in charge of teaching the children mathematics, trading ethics, and basic thievery. Nazlith got along fine with this elder. She helped to hone her diplomacy and intimidation skills (and bluff). However, she didn’t agree with many of the thievery lessons.
b. Journeyman Velavia: Velavia took to heart the teachings of Kalastryn, so much so that she became one of the best rogues in the entire clan. Her beautiful looks aided her as well. Being the only other girl in their small classes, Velavia and Nazlith became friends. While Velavia wanted to play with make-up thievery tools, Nazlith preferred to be practicing her combat skills. The two of the together were a dangerous combination when it came down to debating anything the council elders. Character notes Nazlith used Velavia as a persona when trying to lure Lord Verick
2. Clan of Dreygu
a. Elder Malfias: He was the best hunter in the clan, his son, Kazamir, being the second. He was in charge of teaching the children how to navigate through forests, caves, and reading animal signs. Although Nazlith never really paid attention to the finer points of navigation, she did learn many athletic skills from Malfias. If anything, his words of being prepared for anything have always stuck with her.
b. Journeyman Kazamir: Kazamir always felt more pressure than his fellow journeyman under the eyes of his father. He was well trained in using a bow, but much preferred twin blades. When out exploring he was often the one keeping the group from getting lost. Nazlith got along well with Kazamir. He was usually her second choice in sparring partners. Kazamir, Theveus, and Nazlith were often together whenever lessons were not being held.

3. Clan of Ravoon
a. Elder Demedor: Demedor was in charge of teaching the children writing, reading, and historic lessons of Canriff. He would also teach basic knowledge in the divine arts. Nazlith got through her studies with Elder Demedor as quickly as she could. Rarely were his lessons thrilling enough to make her want to stay.
b. Journeyman Halius: Although Demedor was a cleric Halius wandered more over to the darker arcane arts. Since dabbling in warlock powers, Halius and Demedor were constantly in heated discussions during individual lessons. Since it was believed that is was member from the Ravoon clan that allied with Asmodeus to change themselves into demons, Demedor wanted nothing to do with that kind of power. Halius went against his elders warning in an attempt to prove that the darker arts are not necessarly evil. Halius and Nazlith never saw eye to eye with each other. Her strong belief in Kord, like most of the city, conflicted with his belief in Asmodeus. However, she was able to remain civil around him, if not wishing he would give her some reason to take her hammer to his face.

4. Clan of Thavious
a. Elder Xelestri: Elder Xelestri was responsible for teaching the students about agriculture, from growing crops to raising animals and making goods from both of them. Nazlith was said to have a black thumb for she seemed unable to grow anything. She was able to help market the products created by the clan well enough to the Achazriel clan.
b. Journeyman Grassus: Grassus was one of the quietest of the chosen Journeymen. It wasn’t that he lacked any talent from his clan, but he also didn’t have a drive to lead other people, much to the disappointment of Xelestri. Growing up with Grassus was hard for Nazlith as she wished he could have been more outspoken. Even though Xelestri thought Grassus had turned into a disappointment the laws barred changes after the initial picking. During the two month hiatus in NaShin, Nazlith had gone back to Sarathel’s temple of Kord where the last message had been left. It was this second time that she had found Grassus dead inside from committing suicide.

5. Clan of Zannifer a. Elder Melech: Elder Melech was in charge of teaching the children about political matters. Lessons ranged from laws to proper manners. b. Journeyman Nazlith: Since Melech chose Nazlith she spent most of her time under his tutaledge. She was the youngest of the Journeyman chosen, at the age of 5, but did not want to disgrace her family so she took the challenge. Besides classroom teaching, it was Melech who taught her to feight and lead others. Often when practicing, Melech would bring in his grandson, Theveus, as an equal partner. Nazlith never asked why she was chosen from their clan instead of Theveus. Yet, the question had always been on her mind. It was during a sparring session with Theveus that Nazlith received the deep scar on her right horn. She was tired from a nightly training session with Malfias and the other Journeymen, when Nazlith allowed a strong blow from Theveus’ two handed hammer to hit. It was this incident that lead Theveus to promise Nazlith that he would follow her anywhere. C. Other NPC’s directly related to Nazlith

1. Theveus: Grandson to Melech, sparring partner, mischief maker
2. Kamien: Nazlith’s father, The best blacksmith for weapons in the clan. He was the one who taught Nazlith how to specifically fight with a war hammer and crafted her first hammer. He also crafted Theveus’ two handed hammer and Kazamir’s twin blades.
3. Daelia: Nazlith’s mother, Daelia may not be talented in making weapons but she was exceptional a making chain mail.
4. Io and Curth: Nazlith’s younger twin brothers, Both brother have been studying under their father to take over his forge. Like Nazlith, they have been trained to use war hammers.
5. Traveling Cleric: No name was ever recorded about his appearance to the original council of elders.
6. Royal family of Canriff: Once called the House of Storms, it became the House of the Cataclysm.

II. Places in the Canriff nation
A. Current location of traveling clans
1. Yarim: This city was founded shortly before the traveling cleric gave the proficiency. The city is set up like a giant wheel with each clan making up a wedge. At the center is a main building where the elders conduct business. Character During one of the many outing with Elder Malfias, the Journeymen were taken to a cave to learn how to navigate in the dark. Well, with Nazlith’s wonderful navigation, she unfortunately wandered into the web of a giant spider. It was a lot of luck and loud screaming, that the others were able to find her.

Canriff Nation

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