The Adventurer's Guild

The Adventurer’s Guild of Roshik began as a simple hunting club for the nobles of Norsiev. The nobles would meet regularly to hunt local fauna, and the club quarters were used to display their trophies. The number of trophies quickly outgrew the available display space, so only the most prestigious were displayed at the quarters. As a result, the trophy display became almost a tourist destination for the less well-off citizens of Norsiev.

Not long after the club quarters became popular, one of the founding nobles fell upon hard times and had to move to Serathel. He was easily able to find citizens interested in trophy hunting, but naturally their status was not as elevated as he was accustomed to. Business in Serathel being what it was, the new club members saw an opportunity to make money and began hiring adventurers (and each other) to perform various tasks – generally hunting, whether of animals, treasure, or people. This proved extremely successful and profitable. When the founding noble returned to Norsiev with tales of this new adventuring “guild”, the other founding members were very interested in the profit opportunity and so the Adventurer’s Guild was officially founded, with the Norsiev chapter being its founding chapter.

With the Guild’s new profit potential, it quickly expanded to the rest of Roshik. As time passed, the patronage system became more of a sponsorship, and the Guild members took great pride in their Guild membership. Their pride was so great that they introduced a “welcome quest” system to ensure that new members were truly serious about joining. Upon completion of the welcome quest, new members would receive their initial Legit Card and a hearty welcoming ceremony (read: drunken party/brawl) by the other members of that Guild chapter.

Pictured above: Adventurer’s Guild Legit Card

by the time we encountered the Guild in Serathel, they had long since developed a self-sustaining culture, so it was easy to establish a new chapter in Yphyrion
and as the Heroes (and active members), it was only natural that Rehb and Bjorkus (if he wants) would lead the new chapter
so my other thought was that after battling Esed and finding Yphyrion, Rehb would have been contacted somehow by Avandra (maybe in a dream) and thus found the inspiration to travel Roshik, creating the shrines
and he would have enlisted all of the existing chapters of the Guild to help create and maintain them

The Adventurer's Guild

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